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Gorgeous weekend!

I hope you had a chance to get out and enjoy the weekend.  The weather has been absolutely beautiful.  If you haven’t then there’s still time to get out and do something!



It’s that time of the year again…

…and no I’m not talking about Christmas!  I’m talking about my schedule getting even busier with the start of the Montgomery Biscuits baseball season last night.  These next 6 months are going to be crazy but it’s what I do and who I am so I’m ready.  Hope to see you at the ballpark sometime this summer!


Rick H

Please Mother Nature!

We’ve got a huge baseball game tomorrow at Riverwalk Stadium with the Tampa Bay Rays in town and I would like a beautiful day to play baseball.  It’s raining like crazy right now and it’s supposed to last all day so maybe it will be done by tomorrow.  *Fingers crossed*



Busy weekend!

I’ve got live broadcasts today at Budget Car Sales from 3-5, Saturday at Classic Buick GMC Cadillac from 10-1 and Sunday at Budget Car Sales from 3-5.  On Saturday evening I’m judging a Karaoke competition to help promote the Hemophilia Society and by the way, my mom is coming to town to visit!!  I’ve gotta make time for mom! :-)

Time to get personal…

I’ve been dealing with a lot over the last few months personally after my engagement was called off but after a lot of prayer and struggle, last night was the start to something that God provided for me and I’m just taking it as it comes.  Hopefully, I’ll have more to report as this new relationship begins to hopefully flourish.  Stay tuned!


Nice weather this weekend?

I sure hope so!  It looks like we see the mid to upper 70′s again this weekend after the cold wet week we’ve had and I can’t wait.  I may have to dust off the golf clubs this weekend.  On a separate and different note, my heart goes out to the Boos family who lost their dad and husband, Wendell.  My thoughts are with Ms. Mary, Ashley and Shane.  May God bless you guys during this difficult time.




Everyone has their reasons for enjoying Friday and I have mine for today more especially.  I’ve waited for this day to get here for a while and it’s finally here!  I hope your day is well and it turns out like you expected or more.



Not the way I wanted to start the day…

So about 3am this morning I hear water dripping heavily and it sounds like a faucet was on so I get up and go to the kitchen only to discover that there was water gushing from the ceiling light fixture.  It seems that the hot water heater in the attic busted and water went EVERYWHERE in the kitchen!!  I’ve been up since then emptying water from the trash can that I used to catch the water and my kitchen floor is covered in towels and they are all soaking wet.  Hope the weekend gets better…

More Rain??

It looks like as we try to dry out from the last batch of cold rain that we may have more coming tonight.  I’m really looking forward to Spring and Summer and I PROMISE that I will not complain about the hot temps when they get here!

Summer, where art thou??

I know that I will probably be one of those screaming about the hot temps when the summer comes around but this cold weather has got to go!  How do you feel about the cold temps?


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