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Vacation time?

It’s rare for me but it looks like my only real chance to take a vacation is going to be the week of August 17th so I’m going to start making my plans now!  If nothing else, I will just relax and play some golf all week. :) And of course, spend a good bit of time with my baby girl, Deena!  Hope everyone has a great weekend!


It’s a great day to be alive…

Yes, I know that’s a country song but it rings loud and clear for me today.  We should always be thankful to be able to see another day.  I’m looking forward to a great weekend and I hope you are too!!

Also, as of today…43 days until the kickoff of Alabama football…ROLL TIDE!!


Hot enough for ya?!?!

How many times have you heard that phrase lately??  Yeah, I know!!  Well, it’s a silly question actually…LOL.  I don’t mind the summer heat until it gets overbearing with the high humidity.  I just go back to something my late father said when I was growing up…”If you’ve got air conditioning, then USE it!”  Have a great weekend and stay cool!


A week off…

After taking last Friday off for the 4th of July weekend, I’m back! lol  I’m looking forward to another one of those “free weekends” where I have no remotes, the Biscuits are out of town and I have no DJ commitments.  So basically, it’s a weekend for me to enjoy with my love Deena.  I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

Rick H


So my 15 year old son has decided that he wants a tattoo like his dad and big brother.  He has been working this summer and has his own money and wants to pay for it himself so we may be going this weekend or maybe sometime early next week.  He’s pretty excited about it…lol


The new 95.1 the Fox website

We launched a new look to the Fox website on last Wednesday.  There are still some bugs and glitches to work out but I am pleased so far with the final product.  Please be patient as we transition to this new site.  Have a great weekend!

Rick H

Biscuits Baseball is back tomorrow!

The Montgomery Biscuits have been on the road for 11 days but they’re back tomorrow for a 10 game homestand!  Hope to see you all at the ballpark!

Rick H

Memorial Day weekend

Memorial Day weekend was another huge success as the station did the Fox Memorial Day 500 over the course of the weekend.  It’s always great to listen over the weekend and hear the cream of the crop of Classic Rock!  We’ll do it again over the Labor Day weekend to end the summer.

Have a great weekend!


Looking forward to the weekend…

It’s another one of those weekends where my responsibility list is very small.  I have the monthly Fox Recycler remote in the morning from 9a-11a but that’s it!  I will have my kids this weekend and my girlfriend, Deena, will have her daughter with her so we will end up doing something together and I look forward to that!

Rick H

Bible Reading Marathon

I am privileged to be a part of the Bible Reading Marathon that is going on at the State Capitol this week.  Since Thursday, there has been someone reading a portion of the Bible in 15 minute increments.  I was asked to do Saturday 12:45p-1p and I am looking forward to it.  If you are in the downtown area around that time, stop by and listen and say “hi”.



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