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Month: January, 2014

Cold enough for ya??

How many times have you heard that question?  Are you as tired of it as I am? Yes, it’s cold outside.  We get that.  Trust me, we don’t need a reminder.  Seriously, be careful during these cold temps.  Remember the pipes, plants and pets.  Stay warm!




Missing Football

Yeah I know that the NFL continues and it will do for now up to the Super Bowl but nothing compares to College football on Saturdays and weeknights.  Oh well, August will be here soon, 7 months that is. 


Looking for big things in 2014!

I’m hoping for a big year in 2014 for 95.1 the Fox!  Hopefully, we’ll have all sorts of fun things for you guys and cool stuff to give away.  Happy New Year!



Happy New Year

I hope your holidays went well and you are looking forward to a happy 2014.  If you’re making a resolution, then think long and hard about it before you commit but once you do commit to it, stick with it!