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Month: September, 2017

Ready for the weekend!

No remotes, no appearances, no weddings to DJ!  Just family and Alabama football!  Enjoy your weekend!

Rick H



I had the pleasure of watching my grandson Micah play a tee-ball game last night and it was so awesome!  His daddy, my son Cris, is one of the coaches and I couldn’t be more proud.

Looking forward to the weekend.  No remotes or appearances! Yay! Plus, tonight is date night for my wife Deena and I.  We’re going “down under” to Outback Steakhouse…mate!

Have a great weekend and Roll Tide!

Rick H

Sister rivalry tonight??

Soooo, my daughter is dating a player from Stanhope Elmore HS and my step daughter is dating a player from Wetumpka HS and you guessed it…Stanhope Elmore is playing Wetumpka tonight.  Will they sit together?  Will they sit on opposite sides?  What in the world do me and my wife Deena do?!?!?!?  Should be interesting 🙂

Rick H

Hurricane Irma

My family is feeling the effect of the hurricane as they live in Jacksonville, Florida and are evacuating this weekend and coming to Montgomery.  Of course, I am looking forward to seeing my mom and family but I wish it was under different circumstances.  Stay safe and Roll Tide!

Rick H

Labor Day weekend…

Looking forward to a 3 day weekend…sort of.  I have a live broadcast on Monday at Capitol Chevrolet from 9a-11a but other than that it should be an awesome weekend!  Plus, it’s game time!  Alabama taking on Florida State on Saturday night!  RTR!

Rick H